Feedback on Margaret’s Motivational Talks & Courses

Executive Women & Ladies 100 Clubs

Your talk captivated the audience taking them from laughter to silence as they realised with shock their commonality of fears and inadequacies.  Your ability to pinpoint our insecurities AND teach us how to deal with them was AMAZING.  They learnt also that with a little bit of work – THEY COULD BE BEAUTIFUL TOO.
Executive Women’s Club

Bring her back!!!  A most informative talk, a very brilliant woman.
Ladies 100 Club

This is the first time we have had not even one negative comment in our feedback.
Ladies 100 Club

The success of the day can be attributed to a very large extent to the magic that you weave, and the way that you inspire all the women present, both young and old, to feel really ‘wonderfully woman’.

Sy het lekker lig gepraat oor ‘n onderwerp waaraan die gewone vrou nie gereeld dink nie

Margaret Fourie is surely one of the best speakers we have had at the club.

Management Courses

Margaret, this course will not only help me in work but it will help me in my personal life as well.  My wife thanks you!

We write … to express our delight at the excellent feedback and response we received from the delegates who attended your first course …
UAL Merchant Bank

Seeing the change R. has undergone, I would be keen to send more individuals.

Margaret Fourie is a very special person who has the ability to bring about lasting positive change in individuals’ behaviour.  Her intervention has brought about improved interpersonal relationships.
Creda Press

Constructive Communication Courses

Avery valuable contribution to mankind as a whole.  What a wonderful world it could be if everybody attended such a course.

I honestly feel honoured to be on this course and fortunate and it was outstanding and helpful.

This is the best course I have even been on and I feel I have grown personally.  Thank you for your contribution to the rest of my life.
Old Mutual

It taught me how to be assertive in making and rejecting requests in a constructive way, without entering into an emotional confrontation.  As well as how to deal with power ploys openly and honestly, to build up my self-esteem and the self-esteem of the game-player, in order to achieve a more productive workforce.
Old Mutual

Margaret is a wonderfully warm person.  She is amazingly intelligent and perceptive and anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of her courses is very privileged.
Chris Laubser

Margaret Fourie is a great facilitator and communicator who has taught us how positive communication can benefit both personal and tram relationships.  She has great insight into some of the most relevant challenges in self-development
Dave Eedie

For once we spoke about communication, not from a theoretical structural point of view, but with real emotion and feeling.  Where you really want to know the alternative thoughts and opinions.
Greg Lambe

Positive Parenting

Superb! Incredibly relevant & up to date!
Exceptionally wonderful workshop experience
Brilliant presenter and very relevant
Very entertaining & surprising! Enjoyed it
Wonderful! The best of the day!
She was fantastic. Wish her session was longer
Please have her back!

Other events

It is asking quite a lot to have people present the same seminar morning and afternoon on a hot Saturday but you have really no idea just how excited the people were who came to your course …
Bishop Peter Storey

You enabled us to walk out … with sunshine in our hearts
Peter P., Cape Town

The attitude of the affected staff following the course was so positive that they were advocating that the remaining staff attend the course.  ..they have had their spirits lifted and are more excited about the future
Medical company retrenching staff, Cape Town